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Transmission Repair

Clutch Repair

Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, your car has a clutch. Our South Hill clutch repair services will make sure that your car shifts smoothly and evenly.

Differential Repair

The differential not only directs power to the wheels, but it also works in conjunction with your transmission to slow rotation of the gears before the power hits the wheels. Our qualified mechanics will ensure that your differential is running smoothly after your South Hill differential repair.

Driveline Repair

Keep your car running straight and true with our extensive driveline repair services.

Transfer Case Repair

The transfer case transmits power from the transmission to the front and rear axles, and our Puyallup transfer case repair will get your system running like new.

Axel Repair

The axles are that main rotational components for your car’s wheels; our axle repair services are second to none.

Rear End Seal Repair

A faulty rear end seal can lead to oil leakage and a reduction in brake effectiveness—our certified ASTG-certified mechanics perform the best Tacoma-area rear end seal repair.

our working process..
.. in 3 easy steps

After your FREE diagnostic check, we perform the following operations on all vehicles.

Remove Old Units

We carefully remove the transmission, check for faults that caused it to be damaged and check other vital engine and drivetrain-related parts for problems.


We try to salvage what's left to save you valuable money. We present you with options to restore it back to working condition or replace it with a new unit.

Install New Units

We carefully follow installation procedures, check levels, benchmark and align, restore and fire up the engine. You test it for satisfaction and it's good to go!